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Tiny Town VR - Zombie Pack Download Exe Filel




Why use the editor? You can create an interesting story in just a few minutes! The editor lets you customize your world easily. Why this game? * VR support (with cardboard on Android) * More than 10 minutes of original story * Easy and intuitive user interface * More than a dozen unique characters, designed by professional illustrators * More than a dozen unique dialogs How to play? Just press play on your phone. You can change the volume in the menu. It’s easy! For fans of: The Sims, Minecraft, Avatar: The Game, Paper Mario, Super Mario World. You will help people from all around the world build their perfect world! NOTE: • If you want to play the game in VR, you need to download the cardboard app on your phone and install it. Then, you can use the cardboard app to play the game in VR. • Each character has its own personality and attitudes. For example, Mr. Boy has a nervous and timid attitude. • If you want to record a video of your game, make sure to have the same volume as in the game. It makes your video easier to watch. • The file format of the game data This format allows people to make changes to the game data without losing the files. Contact us! If you have any suggestions, send an e-mail to Release notes May 21, 2018 • The game now features cardboard VR support. • Improved UI. • Improved camera movement. • Reduced screen occlusion. April 3, 2018 • New dialog for Mr. Boy. • New dialog for Mr. Bear. • New dialog for Mr. Pig. • New dialog for Mr. Fox. • New dialog for Lady Robin. • Bug fixed. May 4, 2017 • Dialog and background music for Brother. December 10, 2016 • Custom objects added to the menu. • Addition of an exit button. • More than a dozen new dialogs added.




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Tiny Town VR - Zombie Pack Download Exe Filel

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